Premier Plastering | 4 Common Drywall Installation Mistakes

4 Common Drywall Installation Mistakes

4 Common Drywall Installation Mistakes

Regardless as to whether you’re remodeling your current home or you’re having something built from the ground up, someone is going to need to help you hang drywall. If this isn’t something you have experience in, you should consider hiring a pro. Why? Because an inexperienced installer is far more likely to make mistakes—and mistakes can be expensive to fix.

Below are just a few of the most common drywall installation mistakes that are made by novice installers.

Not having proper edge support

If you’re not inspecting the framing before you start to hang drywall, you should be. When you inspect the framing make sure there is at least 1-inch of exposed framing at all corners. If the framing at inside corners in inadequate (or in some cases, altogether lacking), it can be impossible to fasten the edge of the drywall.

Forgetting to mark framing locations

If you want foolproof screw placement, you’re going to need to mark the location of your framing. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of inserting screws in places that don’t have framing. Not only can this lead to a large number of “misses,” it can also cause your drywall to look like swiss cheese. While we’re on this topic, don’t forget to mark the location of ceiling joists.

Tapered edges should not be used along outside corners

You should always, always put cut edges along outside corners. If you hang drywall with the tapered edge facing the outside corner, it will be very difficult to install the corner bead correctly.  If the corner bead lies too low, it’s going to be hard to cover it with joint compound. Suffice to say, this is a mistake that’s best to avoid making.

Check the fit before you fasten the drywall

Every now and then, you may find you have an outlet hole that doesn’t quite fit the way it should. If this happens, you’ll want to trim the opening before you hang the drywall. If you hang it first, the drywall is likely to break around the electrical box, and you’ll need to spend extra time to patch it.

Experts you can trust

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