Premier Plastering | Things to consider when weighing plaster vs drywall

Things to consider when weighing plaster vs drywall

Things to consider when weighing plaster vs drywall

If you’re contemplating an interior remodel you may be weighing the benefits of plaster vs drywall. For this post, we wanted to go over the differences between the two.

The basics of drywall

Drywall is, by far, the more commonly used material. It’s less expensive and for the most part, it’s easy to install. Drywall is made of a material called gypsum, and it’s sandwiched between two pieces of paper. It comes in varying thicknesses and it can be cut to fit most any space. It’s also relatively simple to repair, should a repair need to be done.

Before you rush out to hire a drywall installation company, you’ll want to keep in mind that this material does have several downsides.

First, it’s not always sound-resistant. It’s also susceptible to water damage. Several years ago, we had a client that experienced an in-home flood as a result of a pipe burst.  The bottom 3’ of drywall in all impacted rooms needed to be removed and replaced.

The basics of plaster

Plaster was more popular in years past, but it’s beginning to make a comeback.  It’s sound-proof, fire resistant and it’s extremely durable. You should also keep in mind that if it was installed correctly, it’s not easy to damage. It’s also long-lasting.

Plaster finishes are considered to be more high-end than drywall; if you’re looking to upgrade your living spaces, this material is worth considering.

Yet, just like drywall, plaster has some downsides.  First, and perhaps most notably, it’s more expensive. It also needs to be installed by an experienced contractor, because if it’s not installed correctly, it will be prone to cracks. If the walls do become damaged, plaster can be difficult to repair.

The verdict

The choice between plaster vs drywall will be a personal one. People who have small children may find that plaster is a better choice, as it’s less prone to being damaged.  On the other hand, if you like the idea of being able to paint the interior walls from time to time, drywall is the superior option.

If you’re in the early-planning stages of a remodel and you’d like to learn more about the pros and cons of plaster -vs- drywall, call Premier Plastering of SW Florida today to speak with a local expert. Our company has years of experience in working with both materials, and we’ll be happy to help you choose what’s best for your home.