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Best Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Pavers Clean

Best Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Pavers Clean

Outdoor pavers are a beautiful way to enhance your living space. Your yard becomes a space for gathering with friends and family; it’s a way to create a lifestyle for you and your family. Especially in a hot and humid state like Florida, your pavers can become dirty quickly. There are many ways to keep your deck clean without fearing buildup of mold or dirt, and without having to use harsh chemicals constantly.

Simple Green with a scrub brush is a great way to keep your pavers clean regularly. You can get the Simple Green in bulk at most stores, and scub brushes are available at most home improvement stores. Simple Green is a great cleanser, and it doesn’t damage the environment because it’s all-natural. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before creating a mixture and cleaning your deck.

Vinegar is another great all-natural cleanser. It has an acidic base, so it eats through anything that has grown on your deck. Mix a small amount of vinegar into water and scrub away the dirt and grime on your deck. You won’t have to worry about this cleanser having a negative affect on any of your potted plants, your yard, or any of your furniture, either: vinegar is a natural acid.

The most popular option when searching for choices to clean your deck is power washing. This is the quickest and easiest way, and you can use chemically strong or weak soaps if you’d like. The only issue is that many pavers have sand between them as a seal, and power washing can wash that sand away over time. If you’re not worried about this extra step or sand is not an item used in your deck, then power washing is a great option.

Keep you pavers clean by giving them a good washing every month or two. This not only keeps them looking good, but it can help with preventing any erosion that can occur as a result of buildup from dirt, grime, and mold. If you’re worried about doing it yourself or have never done it before, then contact a local professional to get a quote or get some advice on how best to get the job done.