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Concrete Pavers for Driveways

Concrete Pavers for Driveways

Concrete pavers are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool surrounds. Pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a strong product that can actually create a stronger driveway than poured concrete. Concrete pavers are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, patterns and colors, giving the homeowner plenty of choices to create a unique driveway that complements their house and landscape.

Pavers used for driveways are usually interlocking, which both speeds up the process of the installation and strengthens the surface. Another benefit of concrete pavers is that individual pavers can be removed and replaced, if necessary. Unlike poured concrete and asphalt driveways, concrete paver driveways do not require a curing period. Once installed, they are ready to use. They also offer more traction when wet than poured concrete.

Finally, because they are small, easy to handle, and don’t require heavy equipment to install, concrete pavers are a great material for a driveway. Ask whoever installs the pavers in your driveway to make sure they leave you with a supply of extra pavers as you will almost certainly be able to handle small repair and replacement jobs yourself.

Concrete pavers are often referred to as “cement pavers,” which can be a bit misleading. Cement is a primary ingredient in concrete, but it is not the only one (sand, aggregate, and water are also needed). Pavers can be solid, but they can also be open.

Concrete paver driveways require very little maintenance. An occasional sweeping or hose rinsing will keep them clean enough. If weeds find their way through the surface, just remove them as soon as they appear. Stains can usually be removed pretty easily.

Should tree roots, frost heave or settling damage a section of the driveway, it is easy to remove the affected pavers, fix the underlying problem, and put the driveway back together.

A properly installed and maintained concrete paver driveway can be expected to last 25 to 50 years.

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