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What to Consider When Choosing a Paver Pattern

What to Consider When Choosing a Paver Pattern

Selecting an interesting paver pattern can contribute substantially to the overall appeal of your paver project. It can add character to your home and landscape. Most pavers are adaptable to a multitude of paver laying patterns. Here are a few things to consider when deciding what type of pattern paver to choose.

Size and space: Choosing a paver pattern that works well relative to the size and space you are working with in your project is an important consideration. Generally, smaller pavers work well in smaller spaces and larger pavers work better in larger spaces, so if you are working with a smaller space then you may consider a pattern that includes smaller stones so that the overall design is not too overwhelming or overpowering for the space. For an especially creative look, you can use three or more sizes of pavers and for a more uniform and simple look, you can choose a pattern that uses just one size of paver.

Borders and other features: A border can add unique detail to your paver project design and can help establish a separation amongst different outdoor living spaces, such as an outdoor living room and the edge of a pool deck or an outdoor kitchen area. Consider the borders that you want in coordination with the overall laying pattern you have in mind for your project, since some patters work more easily with borders than others do. You cold also consider a round or curved border around outdoor area features, such as a fire pit or designated seating area.

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