Premier Plastering | Installing a Pavers Project on a Well-Suited Surface

Installing a Pavers Project on a Well-Suited Surface

Installing a Pavers Project on a Well-Suited Surface

Pavers offer a fairly inexpensive way to spruce up an outdoor space. Whether it is the driveway, deck around a pool or other surface, there are many types pavers you can use, which also come in many different colors. There are also many options as far as patterns the pavers can be placed in, depending on your individual taste and desired effect.

Pavers are designed to be flexible with the surface they are on, so they can move with the earth beneath them, whether the temperature is hot or cold. The individual installation of pavers also makes it possible to complete any necessary repairs with as little disturbance as possible to the surrounding pavers.

Getting pavers installed on the right foundation extends the life of the paver project. The installation process often involves the removal of unsuitable soil and replacing it with a material that will help to make the pavers function better and last longer.

Choosing a pavers contractor that has experience in establishing a strong foundation and high quality materials for your pavers project is extremely important. The best process generally involves digging several feet below the ground, removing soil and roots and replacing that soil and roots with a gravel base and sand. These materials will create a stable foundation that will allow for your pavers to be installed properly and offer the longevity that you want for your pavers project.

If you are going to be placing pavers where there was concrete, the pavers should not be placed on top of the concrete. This could cause issues with cracks as well as other challenges. Clearing out the space and starting with a clean, stable and new space is the best path to take in installing a new pavers project.

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