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Repairing Sunken Pavers

Repairing Sunken Pavers

After a while of driving over your driveway, a number of pavers may have sunk a bit lower than others. These sunken pavers can be brought back up to grade with a few bags of sand, a length of pipe and a screed board. Sunken pavers are fairly simple to repair, if you have the knowledge and the right tools.

The first think that needs to be done is to pry up the sunken pavers with a screwdriver, while pounding on surrounding pavers to loosen sand surrounding the pavers. Next, you would level a screed pipe using a screed board with a notch at one end a bit shallower than the depth of the pavers. Make a screed board, add sand to the low level, then level it. Fill the low area with sand then screed it level. Remove the screed pipe and set the pavers back by tapping down on them. Brush old sand off the sides of the pavers, then set them back into place and drive them down until they are even with the other pavers. Spread dry sand over the pavers by sweeping until joints are full.

Tools needed include a flat tip screwdriver, level, rubber mallet, and a trowel. Materials needed include screed board, sand and a straight steel pipe.

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