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Tips for the Best Outdoor Space

Tips for the Best Outdoor Space

The most attractive outdoor space – whether it is small in size or whether it is several thousand square feet – is the one that is carefully planned out, carefully designed, and most importantly, warm and inviting.

Many homeowners treat view their outdoor spaces as an afterthought, which is quite a shame, because there are so many ways to create a relaxing, resort-style outdoor space without blowing the budget clear out of the water.

The key is to consider the following elements – proportion, balance, color, textures, and various shapes.

Here are some tips to make your outdoor space look great without spending a ton on fancy fountains and marble features:

  • Focus on the areas where the upgrades will have the most impact, for example, the front entranceway or a backyard area that will be used frequently. Lay pavers in any pattern or colors you wish. You can go minimal and just use one color or mix colors and have fun with it. This is a great way to spruce up an outdoor area and make it look completely new.
  • Considering seating arrangements for an outdoor patio is another way to create an inviting outdoor space. Having a place where family and friends can gather and sit comfortably is key. Bring in some accent tables and other décor with a variety of textures and colors will instantly take your outdoor area to the next level.
  • Refinish vintage pieces and use them in creating your outdoor space. Items such as reclaimed bricks and wood can be incorporated into the design of your patio space and old furniture can be up-cycled into something that looks completely “new” for your outdoor oasis.
  • Invest in an inexpensive outdoor rug to bring a seating area together. There are many options on the market today that can withstand the elements (hot, cold, humidity, etc) and still look great.
  • Add accents in bold colors. Adding a pop of color like a red or a blue or even a dark charcoal can make a world of a difference. Maybe purchase a brightly colored planter, rug or lanterns.
  • Incorporate a small water feature. Believe it or not there are water features that are extremely affordable and easy to install. Getting something that is super low maintenance is a great point to keep in mind as well, so it is easy for you to keep it clean and running.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Add string lights or lighting that can be dimmed. Both options are fairly simple to incorporate and again, make a significant difference in the overall look of your outdoor space.

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