Premier Plastering | Top Reasons to Work with a Licensed, Insured Paving Company

Top Reasons to Work with a Licensed, Insured Paving Company

Top Reasons to Work with a Licensed, Insured Paving Company

If you need help repairing cracks in your paving or you’ve come to the realization that the work needs to be redone, you may be weighing the pros and cons of hiring professional paving contractors.

Although some people question whether they can get the same benefits by having friends or neighbors help with the work, or whether they can hire an unlicensed contractor as a means of saving money, this is something we’d strongly caution against. There are many downfalls of hiring unlicensed, uninsured pavers to do the work.

The work may not be done right

Paving companies that are licensed and insured will hire experienced, diligent workers who understand how to get jobs done right.  This can help ensure that the work will stand the test of time, and it can also prevent you from needing to pay for costly repairs in the future.

You’ll have no guarantees if you hire an unlicensed worker

When you hire an unlicensed contractor there are no guarantees the work will be completed. There are times when unlicensed companies take a deposit, only to disappear after they have your money in hand. There are other times where work may be started, but never completed. If a company is not licensed and/or they don’t have a permanent, brick-and-mortar address it will be very hard to pursue legal action against them.

You could be liable for their medical expenses if they’re injured while on the job

This is one of the most important points we need to make. If you hire an unlicensed / uninsured contractor to do work at your home or office and a worker becomes injured while they’re at the job site, you could be legally liable to cover their medical expenses. If the injury is severe, you could be sued for pain, suffering and loss of income. No one wants to open themselves up to this type of legal liability.

Experienced, licensed and insured paving contractors you can trust

If you’re considering hiring a paving company but you have additional questions about the benefits of hiring a professional, call our office today to learn more.

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