Premier Plastering | What Types of Pavers for Outdoor Projects?

What Types of Pavers for Outdoor Projects?

What Types of Pavers for Outdoor Projects?

Before beginning with a paver project, it is important to select a paver stone that best suits your area, the use of the area, and your personal taste. Pavers are a durable alternative to concrete, which add a natural beauty to our outdoor space.

Interlocking paving stones lock together to prevent anything from growing in between the individual pavers, such as weeds, and they are made to move and shift with the movement of the ground to prevent any cracks. This works well for driveways where vehicles will be running over the pavers on a daily basis.

Pavers are made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so homeowners have options from which to choose the one(s) they like best.

Here are a few paver types to consider in the planning of your home paver project:

Textured pavers: Textured pavers are not smooth. They have a textured appearance, giving them a more custom and high-end appearance. This paver is commonly the best option for surrounding pool areas as the texture helps to prevent slipping.

Smooth pavers: Smooth, solid pavers make these pavers a simple solution for driveways, walkways and patios to keep the outdoor landscape looking polished and classic.

Tumbled pavers: Tumbled pavers are the most common pavers found on the market. Tumbled pavers are created by putting each paver through a process that intentionally wears down the surrounding edges of each piece. The result is a paver with a natural, antique or rustic look.

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