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Use Leftover Pavers

Use Leftover Pavers

If you’ve used pavers to design an outdoor space, you might have some leftover materials lying around. They’re sitting outside unused, collecting some dust and mold. But, there are so many great DIY projects you can complete with those leftover materials.


You might have a great garden just a stone’s throw away from your patio. Create a whimsical and fun space by taking your leftover pavers and creating stepping stones with them. If you’ve created a grilling station or fire pit and you didn’t think you had enough materials for a walkway, use those materials to create some creative stepping stones for your guests to enjoy. This creates a dynamic and visually pleasing outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy.


Maybe you want to have a nice border around your yard rather than a fence, or you want something to separate the lawn from your mulched garden. Use those extra pavers to stack and line your lawn and you can create a border or even a small wall. This makes your yard unique and creates a visually dynamic and pleasing style to set your yard apart from the rest of the neighborhood.


If you have extra pavers and you’re handy, stack them in a fun shape to design a homemade planter. Use a seal like concrete to anchor the pavers in place. You can even stack the pavers around a plastic planter so you can still move your plant easily when it’s grown too large. If you have a longer patio and enough pavers, you can even try using them to design a longer planter box with both wood and paver elements. This can be great for vegetables and perennial-type flowers.


If you have a concrete patio, you can use those leftover pavers to make a nice edge around the patio and create an interesting design. Many people use those extra pavers to make a secondary patio for a small fire pit or grilling area where they can entertain guests. If you have a covered patio and you occasionally like to sit in the sun, this could even be a good spot to set out a chaise lounge.

There are so many great uses for leftover pavers, and the best part is that DIY projects are really simple. Call a professional today for great ideas to use pavers for a creative outdoor project.