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Ways to Remodel Your Pool Area

Ways to Remodel Your Pool Area

In Florida, the pool areas of homes can easily be used year-round. With that amount of use, along with exposure to the elements, you may be looking to upgrade the look of your patio and pool area. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few ideas:

Remodel your pool deck with concrete pavers, which are increasingly popular for pool decking. Concrete pavers are a great option for pool decks because they are durable, slip resistant and can provide the look of natural stone. Also, chlorine does not affect the colors on concrete pavers and the joints will take on moisture and leave the pavement cooler underfoot.

Pavers come in many different textures, colors, shapes and sizes. Some have dimples and some do not. The wide array of colors, shapes and sizes allow the homeowner to create a design scheme that compliments their pool’s shape and style. Pavers can also be used to build raised seat walls, pillars or planter boxes that will coordinate with the pool deck itself.

Another advantage to using pavers for pool decks is that they can be spot replaced, if that is necessary. If there is a problem with plumbing or electrical components that need to be accessed underneath the pavers, individual pavers can be lifted to perform a repair. Also, if the homeowner later wants to add to their pool deck, adding pavers is simple.

Pavers are also dense and nonporous, which means they resist the growth of algae and mildew that sometimes forms on wet pool decks.

Other ways to spruce up your pool area include:

  • Add lighting to give your pool and deck/patio area a whole new look
  • Have new waterline tile installed
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Add water features
  • Install salt system
  • Landscaping
  • Add a baja shelf, common in resort pools

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