Premier Plastering | What Are Some Paver Options?

What Are Some Paver Options?

What Are Some Paver Options?

There are so many paver options, from finishes to texture, sizes, colors, and thickness – it’s important to know your options before you select one for your paver project.

The paver finish is reflected in how the surface of the paver will look and feel. Options for finishes can be smooth and contemporary, beveled and traditional, textured and natural or tumbled and rustic. The contemporary finish pavers are also known as flattop and have a very smooth texture. Traditional finish pavers are also known as beveled and are a great option for all patterns. Natural finish pavers are also known as textured and rustic finish pavers are also called tumbled and almost every stone can be tumbled.

Tumbled pavers provide the option to give almost any paving stone an aged look, leaving an outdoor living space with an old world cobblestone look, which is stunning. Tumbled pavers have rounded edges.

With regard to sizing, there are a variety of paver sizes, which can range from thin to wide, rectangular to square, long to short, depending on the type of design you want, they can be missed and matched uniformly. Although there are many different sizes to choose from, the most common residential paver projects tend to go with either the standard size or the large size.

There are a variety of colors to choose from and there are a variety of designs that can incorporate more than one color including possibly using one color for a pattern and another color for a frame or mixing colors throughout a pattern.

Paver options can also range from 50mm to 80mm, but the most common size across the industry is 60mm. 60mm pavers are used in residential projects and also used for heavy pedestrian areas and vehicle traffic. 80mm pavers are recommended for paver installations with heavy vehicle traffic, such as where fire trucks or motor homes will be parked.

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