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How to Repair Plaster Walls

How to Repair Plaster Walls

Plaster walls are beautiful, but they’re not indestructible.  Aging plaster may begin to crack or crumble for any number of reasons. Sometimes this happens when a house begins to settle. In other cases, problems begin to arise because poor-quality plaster was used during the install.

Regardless as to why your walls have developed aesthetic problems, fixing the problem is paramount.

For this blog post, we wanted to discuss how you can repair stressed, unsightly plaster walls.

Small and large cracks

If the cracks are relatively small (and the rest of the plaster is still firmly anchored to the lath), you may be able to handle the job yourself.  Most small cracks can be repaired by widening the crack, removing the remaining plaster dust, applying fiberglass mesh and applying a coat of joint compound.  Larger cracks can often be repaired with the same methodology.

On the other hand, if the wall flexes as you push on it, you’ll likely need to call a local contractor. In this instance, the loose plaster will need to be removed and replaced, and if you’re not an experienced plaster installer, this is a job that’s best left to an expert.

Fixing holes

If your walls were damaged as a result of someone making holes to hang photographs or artwork, you may be able to do the repair yourself.  However, if the rest of the plaster has started to dislodge from the lath, you’ll want to call a contractor.

DIY hole repair can be done by pushing plaster mix into the hole, letting it dry, and applying a finish coat. It’s not a very complex repair, but if you’re not comfortable attempting it on your own, there’s no shame in calling a pro.

Cracks that start along doors and windows

Lastly, if the cracks in your walls originate at a door or window seam, this is not something you should try to repair on your own. This type of damage may be more structural in nature, and you’ll want to reach out to a local contractor to ask for a free evaluation.

Experts you can trust

If you need help repairing plaster walls, call Premier Plastering of SW Florida today to speak with a local expert. Our company has years of experience in helping homeowners with all types of plaster repair jobs, large and small. Call us today at 239-348-9299 to speak with a licensed contractor you can trust.