Premier Plastering | Consider Repair of Plaster Rather Than Removal

Consider Repair of Plaster Rather Than Removal

Consider Repair of Plaster Rather Than Removal

Removing the plaster from a vintage house generates yards of debris and creates clouds of dust that go everywhere. Don’t assume the plaster has to go. In fact, saving these solid, serviceable walls may be the best approach, for several reasons.

Plaster is the combination of elements that, when cured, forms a rock-like, smooth wall surface, ready to accept paint or wallpaper. An ancient form of finish, plaster can be traced to the earliest forms of the built environment. Applied as a thick combination of water, lime and binder, it cures to a hard finish. Plaster’s elements have varied over time. You may even find hair in plaster, typically horse hair, which until the 1920s was often used to bind the mix together.

Underneath your plaster walls, you’ll find lath nailed to the studs. As the wet plaster mix was troweled onto the lath, it flowed through the gaps in the lath and hardened, forming a “key” that held it in place.

You should seriously consider keeping and repairing plaster walls rather than remove them in favor of drywall, because plaster is more durable than drywall, more effective in deadening noise, and the lime in the material helps resist mold. Leaving plaster in place also eliminates the need to remove and reinstall the finish trim, which even with the most careful effort can split.

During a renovation project, you can create openings in walls for electrical, plumbing and HVAC updates without whole removal of the plaster. Before assuming that plaster must be removed, it is best to consider repair instead.

Old plaster often contains a history of your vintage home. Layered on top of old plaster, you might find early stencil designs, original paint colors, successive layers of wallpapers, as well as changes to door and window locations. Maintaining plaster keeps the record intact and maintains more of your home’s original character. And it’s better for your lungs as well.

Enlisting the help of experienced professionals to complete your plaster project is your best bet in ensuring the materials are selected properly, as well as installed and finished properly. Premier Plastering of SW Florida can handle your plastering project. Call today for a quote for your plaster project or fill out this contact form.