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Plastering Materials and Usage

Plastering Materials and Usage

Plastering is the process used to produce an acceptable final wall or ceiling finish to a building prior to decoration. A substrate is the surface to which the plastering system is to be applied. Plastering can be applied to ceilings, partitions, plasterboards, as a finishing coat, and it can be purely ornamental.

In older buildings, the ceiling and partitions are covered in a layer of wood, which is plastered over. When strength is required, a thin steel sheet mesh, called expanded metal lath, is fixed in place and then plastered over. In contemporary fast-track work, plasterboards are fixed in place, the joints taped with a fiber mesh tape to prevent cracking and then it is skimmed over with a finishing coat of gypsum plaster.

Basic plasterboard is a flat sheet of gypsum typically between 9mm and 12.5mm in thickness, sandwiched between sheets of durable paper. Boards are also available with various backings of various thicknesses to improve insulation, restrict the passage of water vapor and to protect against fire. It has become common practice to bond or fix plasterboards to substrates to serve as the backing plaster coat. This method is typically referred to as dot or dab or drywall.

When using plaster as a finishing coat, the coats are intended to bring the backing coat to a smooth finish. Finishing plasters used to produce these setting coats are available as premixed gypsum plasters. Finishing coats can also be lime putty and find sand or a mixture of lime, sand and gypsum known as gauged setting stuff.

Solid plastering denotes back boats of a paste or mortar-type consistency made up of an aggregate and a binding matrix. Binders include lime, gypsum and cement. Aggregates include sand, vermiculite and perlite.

Plasterers are skilled craftsman who can spread plastering materials over a substrate producing a finish as required by the client. It is best to consult with a professional in selecting plastering materials and working on any plastering project.

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