Premier Plastering | Reasons to Reconsider a DYI Plastering Job

Reasons to Reconsider a DYI Plastering Job

Reasons to Reconsider a DYI Plastering Job

If you’re a do it yourself enthusiast, you’ve likely tackled a number of jobs around your home. From laying tiles to putting up shelves, you’ve realized that YouTube is an amazing resource for DIY videos.

Yet what YouTube doesn’t tell you is that when it comes to a DIY plastering job, there any number of things that could go wrong.

Below are just a few of the things that can lead to a DIY plaster disaster

  • Improper mixing If the plaster isn’t mixed properly it’s likely to be lumpy. Plaster shouldn’t be lumpy.
  • Not using the correct tools If you don’t use the correct tools for the job, you’re bound to run into some problems.
  • Not knowing whether a wall is porous before applying plaster If your wall is too porous it will suck the moisture out of the plaster before it’s ready to be flattened.
  • Not knowing whether a wall needs to be prepared before the plaster is applied
  • Not allowing the plaster to dry properly before trying to finish it

A professional plastering company will tell you that it generally takes a few years for someone to become good at this type of job; as such, it’s something you’ll want to leave to the experts.

Repairing a plaster disaster is harder than you think

It’s also worth noting that the cost to fix a botched plaster job can be complicated, especially if the plaster needs to be removed.  Ultimately, the money you were hoping to save by handling the job on your own will pale in comparison to the money you’ll need to spend to repair what wasn’t done correctly.

Experience matters

At Premier Plastering of SW Florida, we have years of experience in helping local homeowners with a wide variety of plastering projects.

We have experience in plastering both interior and exterior walls; we can color match what you have or, if you’d prefer to use a new color, we can help with that too. If your wall already has a coat of plaster and that needs to be removed, we’ll ensure that’s done properly. Lastly, if you’re wanting to add a decorative component, we have any molds you can choose from.

We’re licensed and insured and we’re happy to provide clients with references upon request. For more information on our company or to schedule a free, no-obligation bid, call us today at 239-348-9299.