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Various Types of Plaster Finishing and Textures

Various Types of Plaster Finishing and Textures

Plaster finishes on the walls of your home or ceilings can add a rich level of texture to your home. There are many types of plaster available that offer a wide variety of textures. Texture not only adds beauty to your home, but it is also has a number of benefits, depending on the individual type of finish.

Plaster can be acrylic-based, cement-based, lime-based, or cellulose-based. Lime-based plaster is made using aged, hydrated lime and can be used for exterior and interior walls. Acrylic-based plaster can also be used for the interior or exterior of a home and is a good option for areas that endure high-traffic, because it is very strong and long lasting. Cement-based plaster can be used in areas that may incur high moisture, such as places outside of the home that will be exposed to weather. Cellulose-based plaster can only be used for the inside of the home.

Other points to take into consideration in selecting plaster include:

  • Lime-based plaster is resistant to mold and cracking. Light and weather do not alter the color of lime-based plaster and it is known to be hypoallergenic.
  • Cement-based plaster is durable and resists moisture.
  • Acrylic-based plaster repels water and is economical. It is also easy to repair and wash.
  • Cellulose-based plaster is great for insulation of sound and temperature.

It is important to also note that plaster is available in hundreds of colors and it can be applied in many ways to achieve various textures and finishes. Finishes include matte, semi-matte, shiny, or high-gloss. Textures to decide between include smooth, sand-washed, and stone-like.

Enlisting the help of experienced professionals to complete your plaster project is your best bet in ensuring the materials are selected properly, as well as installed and finished properly. Premier Plastering of SW Florida can handle your plastering project. Call today for a quote for your plaster project or fill out this contact form.